Twinbrook Community Association
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Serving the Twinbrook neighborhood of Rockville in Montgomery County, Maryland, the Twinbrook Community Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) organization whose purpose is to maintain and improve the quality of life of the residents of the Twinbrook area. 



Twinbrook was created under Maryland law on October 18, 1946, by four developers: Joseph L. Geeraert, Roland Simmon, Wesley Sauter, and Donald Gingery. They bought 200 acres of farmland. At the end of the 1940s, World War II GIs and their young families flocked to Twinbrook's small frame houses, mostly Cape Cods, when they began popping up on new streets surrounded by farms and wheat fields. The modest houses, developed by builders Joseph Geeraert and Donald Gingery, were constructed with expansion in mind--two bedrooms and one bath on the first floor, with an unfinished upper level, to be finished or added on to as the young couples could afford to do so. Some of the houses were ready in 1948 and developers Joseph Geeraert and Donald Gingery offered them, at prices ranging from $9,250 to $11,500. The government backed the mortgages 100 percent and veterans could get them for just a $50 down payment. There were only 42 houses in the area before 1939. By 1952, more than 300 houses had been built.

In 1949, 542-acre Rockville annexed 2,210 acres south of town that included Twinbrook. There were three models to choose from. They came with two or three bedrooms and were equipped with modern appliances. The first residents were Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell and their children, Alice and Bill, who moved intro a house on Ardennes Avenue on September 13, 1948.

1947: First plat of section I of Twin-Brook recorded (Okinawa, Midway, Coral Sea, Ardennes, St. Lo)
1949: Twinbrook Citizen's Association formed
1952: Construction of Twinbrook Forest
1952: Twinbrook Elementary opened as a modern eight- room school. A 12-room addition was built and opened in 1953.
1954: Last section of Twinbrook opened
1958: Shopping Center opened on north side
Late 1950s: Bus service established on Veirs Mill Road.
May 1971: Amtrak established. 

The History of the Higgins Family and Spring Lake Park - which would eventually become Twinbrook

More history of Twinbrook from the Montgomery County Planning Commission

Stories About Twinbrook

Where We Live
Washington Post

"The quietness, proximity to Metro and affordability make this community “an overlooked gem,” according to residents. Twinbrook sprang up in the housing boom that followed World War II, and even today much of the neighborhood consists of modest 1950s houses with picture windows and neat front lawns, said Harold Franklin, an agent with Weichert Realtors."

TCA Officers for 2019-2020


Vice President

Mike Stein
Atlantic Avenue


Pat Kallas
Gainsboro Road



Vincent Russo
DeBeck Drive

Member at Large,
North of Veirs Mill Road

Member at Large,
South of Veirs Mill Road

TCA Presidents 1949 - 2018

[Names in bold still living in Twinbrook]

1949        Chauncey Reed (pro-tem)

1949-50  William Hall

1950-51  Andrea Washburn

1951-52  Durant Burton

1952-53  Al Stoughton

1953-54  Henry Redkey

1954-55  Leighton Dudley

1955-56  Robert Rapp

1956-57  George Miller

1957-58 Tom Lawrey

1958-59  Jean Everhart

1959-60  Louis Gross

1960-61  Bill Hyman

1961-62  Michael Oszust

1962-63 Alexander Sadowski

1963-64  Mike Gantt / James Needham

1964-65  James Needham

1965-66  William Billek

1966-67  Charles McCarthy

1967-68  Charles McCarthy

1968-69  Charles McCarthy

1969-70  Martin Kreiss

1970-71  Wayne Millward

1971-72  Art Williamson

1972-73  Art Williamson

1973-74  Art Williamson

1974-75  Art Williamson

1975-76  Ken Kisiel

1976-77  John Tyner

1977-78  John Tyner

1978-79  David Lawrence

1979-80  John Rys

1980-81  Beth Carey

1981-82 Carole Tanyer Cohen

1982-83 Carole Tanyer Cohen

1983-84 Carole Tanyer Cohen

1984-85   Don Richard

1985-86   Carol Moran / John Tyner

1986-87   John Tyner

1988-89   John Tyner

1989-90   John Tyner

1990-91   John Tyner

1991-92   Craig Falk

1992-93   Craig Falk

1993-94   Craig Falk / Jan May

1994-95   Jan May

1995-96   Jan May

1996-97   Randy Gentry

1997-98   Randy Gentry

1998-99   Randy Gentry

1999-00   Randy Gentry

2000-01   Randy Gentry

2001-02   Randy Gentry

2002-03   Robert Pittman

2003-04   Robert Pittman

2004-05   Harry Thomas / Kevin Gallagher

2005-06   Christina Ginsberg

2006-07   Christina Ginsberg

2007-08   Christina Ginsberg

2008-09   Christina Ginsberg

2009-10   Christina Ginsberg

2010-11   Christina Ginsberg

2011-12   Christina Ginsberg

2012-13   Christina Ginsberg

2013-14   Christina Ginsberg

2014-15   Richard Gottfried

2015-16   Richard Gottfried

2016-17   Richard Gottfried

2017-18   Christina Ginsberg

2018-19   Marissa Valeri

2019-20 Marissa Valeri